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2023 Concerto Class Entry

Entries for the 2023 Concerto Class are now closed. The information below is for reference.


Entry to the 2023 Concerto Class is a two step process, with payment only being taken when your entry is approved.

To enter:

  • First, complete the Step 1 Entry form, below

  • We will review your entry. If approved, you will be emailed a link to the Step 2 Entry form, where payment will be taken and your entry confirmed

Before entering, please read the following information carefully:

  • This is an advanced-level competition, open to any age but strictly for amateur performers (for details, please see Regulation 1 – Eligibility - in the full Syllabus).   Previous winners may not compete in it again.

  • All entries must be submitted by an adult i.e, someone over 18, or by someone on behalf of the performer - a teacher, parent or guardian.

  • The choice of Concerto is subject to approval and only one entry is permitted per competitor.   Unsuitable works, eg requiring too large or complex an orchestration, will be refused.  Before approval, you will be asked to supply:

    • full details of orchestration

    • source of the parts

    • name of your accompanist, and their availability for the first round on 20 and 21 January.

  • Once the choice of Concerto is approved, the entry can be completed and payment made (Step 2).   It is advisable to make the initial application (Step 1) at least two weeks before the closing date of 30 November 2022.

  • At the First Round, four competitors will be selected to perform the same movement(s), presented for the First Round, in the Final at St Cuthbert’s Church on Sunday 12 March 2023, accompanied by the Friends of the Festival Orchestra.

  • Please be aware that if you progress to the Final then you will need to provide:

    • parts for Violin 1 x 8, violin 2 x 6, viola x 6, cello x 6, bass x 2, and other parts as required, at your expense

    • programme notes of approximately 200 words

    • a biography of approximately 200 words

  • Finalists will need to be available for orchestral rehearsals: 30 minutes with the orchestra at each of 3 rehearsals on Monday 6 March 2023 at 7.30, Wednesday 8 March at 7.30 and Sunday 12 March at 1pm

  • By entering this class, you confirm that you have read and agree to abide by the Festival Regulations in the 2023 Syllabus. You also consent to being photographed by an ECFA-approved photographer and to any photographs being used in Festival publicity.

  • Enquiries may be directed to:

Step 1 Entry Form


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