2023 Concerto Class Entry

Entry to the 2023 Concerto Class is a two step process, with payment only being taken when your entry is approved.

To enter:

  • First, complete the Step 1 Entry form, below

  • We will review your entry. If approved, you will be emailed a link to the Step 2 Entry form, where payment will be taken and your entry confirmed

Before entering, please read the following information carefully:

  • This class is suitable for advanced performers - school pupils, undergraduate students at universities and conservatoires, and adults of any age - but all entrants must have amateur status (please see Regulation 1 Eligibility).

  • The choice of Concerto is subject to approval. Unsuitable works, e.g. requiring too large or complex an orchestration will be refused. Pre-entry enquiries should be directed to concerto@ecfest.org.uk

  • Previous winners of the class may not compete again

  • Official accompanists will not be provided

  • Only one entry is permitted per competitor

  • All entries must be submitted by an adult i.e, someone over 18, or by someone on behalf of the performer - a teacher, parent or guardian

  • Please check your email carefully when completing the form, otherwise we will not be able to respond 

Step 1 Entry Form