Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy


The Association was founded in 1920 for the promotion of the arts of Speech, Music and Dance in the City of Edinburgh and its neighbouring counties and is a member of the British and International Federation of Festivals. It is an amateur Festival organised and staffed by volunteers. The Association has from time to time employed assistance in a clerical or administrative capacity. All events are held in public and occasionally members of the Press and Photographers may be present. In order to comply with legislation in Scotland the Council undertakes to bring the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults to the notice of all participants, their teachers, parents and guardians in a manner appropriate to its own environment and custom.

Policy Statement

It is important that teachers and parents entering children in the Festival understand that the Festival Staff are charged with the smooth running of events and will not act in loco parentis. Responsibility for the care and supervision of children - defined for this purpose as persons under 18 years of age - lies with their parents or with other adults to whom their parents have entrusted them, both while they are performing and at all other times. Similarly, Festival staff will not take responsibility for the care and supervision of vulnerable adults who, if appropriate, should be accompanied to and during the Festival. Teachers have a particular responsibility to ensure that the parents of children they are entering for the Festival are aware of this policy


1. The above text will be included in the Annual Syllabus and Programme, displayed at the entrance of venues and in the email sent with performers' timetables. It will also be included in the folders prepared for Stewards at all classes.

2. Care will be taken to ensure that Festival staff can be readily identified so that advice on any child care issue arising may be sought. All Festival staff will be required to wear name badges while on duty at Festival events. A named badge will be issued to all Staff, to be returned by the end of the Festival. Unnamed badges will be kept for emergency use, and only labelled and released to known staff in case of an emergency. A daily register of Festival staff present will be kept. In case of a problem, anyone wearing a badge may be approached and will be able to direct children or adults to someone who will be able to help: if the children or vulnerable adults are without their parents or designated adult supervisors, at least two members of staff should be present and they will endeavour to contact the parents or designated persons, failing which they will contact the police or medical support as appropriate. All such incidents will be recorded along with action taken. A reminder of this part of the policy will be in the Stewards' folders for each session.

3. The recruitment of Festival Staff will be by personal introduction by an existing member of Council or, in the case of volunteers not known to the Festival, after a meeting with two members of Council and after an induction session at which the importance of this policy will be emphasised. In this way all volunteers assisting with the Festival wil be known to members of Council and be fully aware of their responsibilities under this policy. As part of their pre-Festival training session all new stewards will be supplied with a copy of this Policy and its importance and consistent implementation will be stressed.

4. The Festival's Policy will be regularly reviewed. All comment will be welcomed and considered by the Council.